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Conversation courses are usually taken by students who want to use and improve their public speaking skills while their listening skill is improved as well. They will learn a lot about how to understand and giving a proper response for every topic. In the end, the student will be able to make a good conversation with a good grammar and lexical resource. 1 Group will contains 4 people.


Uang Muka / Down Payment (DP):
1. Uang Muka DP yang telah dibayarkan, tidak dapat dikembalikan dengan alasan apapun.
2. DP yang dapat dibayarkan sekecil-kecilnya 20% dari total biaya program

Pembayaran Full tanpa DP / Proses Pelunasan:
1. Pengajuan refund dapat dilakukan maksimal 7 hari sebelum bimbingan/kegiatan dimulai.
2. Refund tidak dapat diproses ketika bimbingan sudah dimulai dengan alasan apapun.
3. Refund akan dikembalikan sebesar 75% dari pembayaran yang masuk dan akan dicairkan dalam 30 hari sesudah pengajuan dilakukan, atau sesuai kontrak yang berlaku.

Keahlian yang didapat

IELTS SkillReading SkillWriting SkillListening SkillSpeaking Skill


Materi 1
Introduction to IELTS Listening
- Listening band descriptors
- Listening rules, strategy, tips, and tricks

Types of Questions in Section 1 and 2
- Spelling practice (numbers, names, addresses)
- Notes and table completion
- Multiple choice

Types of Questions in Section 3
- Sentence completion
- Short answer
- Labelling

Types of Questions in Section 4
- Summary completion
- Random types of questions

Full Simulation of IELTS Listening
- Cover all sections of listening test
- Apply listening comprehension strategy
- TIme management practice
Materi 2
Introduction to IELTS Reading
- Reading band descriptors
- Reading rules, strategy, tips, and tricks

Reading Comprehension Strategy
- Skimming and scanning
- Speed reading strategy
- Time management

Types of Questions in Reading
- Matching headings
- Multiple choice
- True false not given / yes no not given
- Short answer

Types of Questions in Reading
- Sentence completion
- Categorization
- Random types of questions

Full Simulation of IELTS Reading
- Cover all passages of reading test
- Apply reading comprehension strategy
Materi 3
Introduction to IELTS Academic Writing
- Writing band descriptors
- Writing rules, strategy, tips, and tricks

Writing Strategy
- Paragraph organization (clauses, connecting sentences, conclusive sentences and linkers)
- Paraphrasing the writing questions
- Grammar development (tenses)

Writing Task 1 Report
- Build introductory, overview, and body paragraphs in task 1
- Vocabulary development for task 1
- Practice on writing different types of report (partially*)

Full Simulation of IELTS Writing
- Cover all tasks in writing test
- Apply writing strategy in IELTS
- Time management practice

Tentang Tutor

Liliyana Sari

University of Exeter Awardee, has 4 years of experience as an IELTS and TOEFL Tutor.

Graduated from the University of Exeter with LPDP Scholaship in 2017, Ms. Lili has 4 years of experience as an IELTS and TOEFL tutor. She is also experienced in being a public speaker for various scholarship events.

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